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Affichage des articles du décembre, 2016

Replay : ENABLERS "Output Negative Space"

ENABLERS "Output Negative Space"  (2006) Output Negative Space by Enablers

PLAYLIST - Slint,Bat Gitter,The God Eaters,Japans,Oozer,Risk Relay,Svin,Nitkowski,Tombouctou,Nightmom,Drive Like Jehu

01 Slint "good morning, captain"02 Bat Gitter "teeth"03 The God Eaters "xuma"04 Japans "violent valentine"05 Oozer "formless fountain"06 Risk Relay "lonely the converted mind"07 Svin "v"08 Nitkowski "broken rites"09 Tombouctou "wingbeat"10 Nightmom "domino"11 Drive Like Jehu "if it kills you"


THE GOD EATERS  - Demo  (2016) Indie, Noise Rock - Marquette, US
Demo by The God Eaters

OOZER "Music Songs: The Songs of Music"

OOZER "Music Songs: The Songs of Music" (2016) Punk, Sludge, Noise Rock - Austin, US 
Music Songs: The Songs of Music by oozer

RISK RELAY "As We Descend"

RISK RELAY "As We Descend" (2016)  Indie Rock, Post Punk, Noise Rock - New Brunswick, US
As We Descend by Risk Relay

NIGHTMOM "Glider Heaven" - "Drainer"

NIGHTMOM "Glider Heaven" (2014) - "Drainer" (2016) Rock, Psyché - Providence, US
DRAINER by Nightmom Glider Heaven by Nightmom

SVIN "Missionær"

SVIN "Missionær" (2016) Experimental Jazz, Post Rock - Copenhague, Danemark Missionær by SVIN

Replay: SHANNON WRIGHT "Honeybee Girls"

SHANNON WRIGHT "Honeybee Girls" (2009)
Honeybee Girls by Shannon Wright