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Affichage des articles du juin, 2016

DIE NERVEN "Out" (2015)

DIE NERVEN "out" Indie Rock -  Stuttgart, Germany

VINCAS "Deep in the well" (2016)

VINCAS "Deep in the well"Athens - UsaPsyché, Post Punk, Noise Rock
Deep in the Well by Vincas

Replay : GLÖS "Harmonium"

GLÖS "Harmonium" (2007)
Harmonium by Glös


01 General Men "just beyond the suburbs"02 Heads. "black river"03 Die Nerven "die unschuld in person"04 Psychic Teens "tarnish"05 Vlasta Popic "o vodi"06 Frana "You'd be so scared on the treno fantasma"07 Bunuel "dump truck"08 Nailhouse "stained"09 Opiliones "s.t.o.a"10 US Weekly "wallowing"11 Psychic Heat "in two"

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PUDGE "Bad Land" / "Backstabber"

PUDGE "Bad Land" / "Backstabber" (2016) Punk Rock, Hardcore - New Orleans USBad Land by Pudge Backstabber by Pudge

FRANA "Frana​/​Opiliones Split 7" / Odds and ends"

FRANA "Frana​/​Opiliones Split 7"(2016) / Odds and ends"(2015) Post Hardcore, Noise Rock -  Milan/Munich
Frana/Opiliones Split 7" by Frana/Opiliones Odds and ends by Frana


PSYCHIC TEENS " Nerve" (2016) Philadelphia, US Post Punk 
NERVE by Psychic Teens

PSYCHIC HEAT "Sunshower"

PSYCHIC HEAT "Sunshower" (2016) Psychedelic Garage Punk / US
Sunshower by Psychic Heat

US WEEKLY "Ideas" / "Imploading"

US WEEKLY Post hardcore, New wave - Austin, Texas
Imploading by US Weekly
Ideas by US Weekly

Replay: ULAN BATOR "Rodeo Massacre" (2005)